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Best Quartz Countertops

Created Date: 2017-07-18 10:23:32

Quartz stone is a very important part as a cabinet countertop, but the domestic quartz stone industry has great intermingled, some quartz slab countertops are easy to crack, easy to penetrate, easy to stain, some surface don't gloss any more after used for a while, which directly harm the interests of consumers. For consumers, how to choose the best quartz slab countertops is a most concerned problem. 

Here are some tips for distributors and fabricators to wholesale quartz slabs:

1.View: View the quartz slab to see if it's pure enough without impurity, there's no texture similar to plastic, and without small pores on the back of the samples.

2.Smell: no pungent chemical smell when you smell the countertop with your nose.

3.Touch: touch the surface with your hand and the surface has a sense of silk, no astringent sense, no obvious sense of uneven.

4.Scratch: scratch the quartz surface with the nail and no obvious scratches.

5.Knock: take two pieces of sample and knock them with each other, not broken.

6.Check: check to see if the product have ISO quality system certification, quality inspection report, product warranty card and related security signs.

A finished quartz slab from the quartz countertop manufactuers, its quality can be identified from the following four aspects :

1.View: observe the surface structure of the stone with the naked eye. In general, stone fabricated with uniform fine structure has a delicate texture, is the best kind of quartz slab stone; stone with unequal grain structure its appearance is poor, it's mechanical properties are not uniform, the quality is worse. In addition, due to the impact of geological effects, the natural stone have some fine pulsation, micro-cracks, stone are most likely to broke along these parts of the rupture, should pay attention to removal. As for the lack of angle also affect the beautiful, we should especially pay attention when choosing.

2.Measure: measure the size of the stone. So in order not to affect the splicing, or cause stitching  of the pattern, line deformation, affecting the decorative effect, LEADSTONE USA INC® has the largest standard size quartz slabs in the industry at 126x 64” and Custom Design are accepted.

3.Listen: listen to the sound of the stone. In general, if the quartz slab's quality is good, the internal dense is uniform and there's no micro-cracks in the stone, the percussion sound will be crisp and sweet; the contrary, if there is a micro-cracks within the stone or vein the sound will be rough dumb.

4.Test: test the quality of stone with a simple test method. Usually drop some ink in the back of the stone, if the ink quickly spread around the leaching, that means the stone particles within is loose or there is a slight fissure, the quality is not good; on the other hand, if the ink drop stay in the same place, then explain that the quartz slab is dense, has good texture.

All in all, emerging brands outweighs everything! Whether you are a quartz countertops wholesaler or you have engineered commercial projects for new building or you want to remodel your existing home in New York, LEADSTONE USA INC® specialists will give you the attention you deserve.