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Comparison of Quartz Countertops

Created Date: 2017-09-26 03:34:22

There are many different choices of quartz countertops in the market. When wholesale quartz countertops, normally we are concerning the color tone, brands, quality especially the prices. Today let's talk about comparison of quartz countertops.

1.Color tone of quartz slab

There are various of color selection of quartz slab. In general, few main kinds of types are popular in the market – quartz with mirror chips, plain color, multi-color, and marble effect colors. Quartz with mirror chips and plain colors are most traditional material for quartz kitchen countertops. Marble effect colors are newest pattern, now becoming more and more popular. Compare with traditional colors, as the technology is special and it takes longer time for production, the prices of marble effect colors are higher than traditional colors.

2. Origin and brands of quartz slab

As we know, there are many brands and quartz countertop manufacturers in the world. Some well known famous brands always selling in expensive prices with good quality. With the technology development, More and more manufacturers from China, India, Turkey, Vietnam are engaged in quartz stone production. Most of the quartz slab from these countries selling quartz stone in competitive prices with relatively good quality. Therefore, quartz stone become popular in Asia market. When people choose quartz stone, they will consider where is the origin and what brands they are. Customers also import quartz stone from Asia manufacturer and make countertops to their local customers.

3.Fabrication and design of quartz slab

Even if using same material, there are different kinds of fabrication and design of quartz slab in the market. In Australia market, people prefer to 20mm thickness stone or laminated edge; In UK and US market, people prefer to 30mm thickness stone.

Sometimes for hotel projects and commercial projects, the quartz countertop suppliers make quartz slab in special shape such as circle, triangle, ellipse or others. For some quartz kitchen countertops or reception counters they may make waterfall stand design. By these cases, fabrication would be much complex and spend higher cost.

4.Quality and Services of quartz slab

Most of the quartz stone stated that their production with 90% quartz or more. However, some quartz countertop manufacturers offer quartz stone countertops with high resin content so the cost would be much lower. When you buy or wholesale quartz countertops, if the price was much lower than the average market prices, you have to pay attention because it maybe not in good quality as their stated.

To ensure we bought quartz kitchen countertops in good quality, it's  better to choose the supplier who stated that offer production warranty. In general, quartz countertop suppliers offer 5 years or 10 years warranty for their quartz countertops. Besides, we have to confirm all details about the warranty with them before purchase. That would be much guaranteed for our benefit.

To sum up, when we choose and buy quartz stone countertops, we should compare the color tone, brands, origin of the products, fabrication & design and services. By this way, LEADSTONE USA INC® is a good choice of quartz slabs wholesale for both house remodeling and commercial engineered projects building.