D8 Luna Sedona(coming soon)

  • Technical Information
  • Thickness available: 1 1/4” available;
  • Finishes: Polished
  • Slab Sizes: 126”*63” – Jumbo
  • Weight: 1 1/4": around 730lbs per slab
  • Model: D8 Luna Sedona(coming soon)

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Available Edge Profiles

Product Specification

*Will be available in November

Water absorption 0.02% Classification: W4 MOQ 1 slab
Apparent density 2510kg/m3 Dimensional stability Classification: A
Flexural strength 34.8MPa Classification: F3 Slip resistance SRV”dry”: 52 SRV”wet”: 10
Abrasion resistance 28.2mm Classification: A4 Freeze and thaw resistance Flexral strength loss: +13.8%
Thermal shock resistance Mass loss: 0.04%
Flexural strength loss: +3.2%
Body White
Chemicals resistance Classification: C1 Certification CE 
Impact resistance 2.79J Linear thermal expansion
12.66 10-6/℃