Care & Maintenance

  1. After spreading artificial stone, to walk on stones is not allowed before the cement and sand slurry turn into solid lest the stones will be bumpy or damaged.
  2. In case other decorative projects must proceed after completing artificial stone projects, do not tear off the protective film on artificial stone surface. Besides, plank or blanket should be placed on stone surface lest stone will be damaged. Tear off protective films and maintain stone after all the projects completed.
  3. Spread blanket and mat at the gate and exit where artificial stone tiles are applied for avoiding stone surface's abrasion and scrape caused by miscellaneous articles such as sand , stone and etc. Because artificial stones have pore structure, so while they are stained by ink, coffee,tea, oil and other substances which are easy to be stained they must be cleaned immediately lest it will affect appearance.
  4. Avoid to use acid and alkali cleaner: Because artificial stone mainly consists of natural marble, but marbe belong to metamorphic rock of limestone which element is primary calcium carbonate(CaCO3), so non-neutral substance will destroy its lustre. In order to realize cleaning effect, the cleaner in the market is generally made from acid and alkali substance which have good cleaning effect. If such cleaner is used for a long time, artificial stones' lustre will disappear and so their appearance are affected. Our sugestion is to avoid using non-neutral acid and alkali substance-such as dilute hydrochloric acid and ceramic tile cleaner.
  5. Artificial stone can not be overlaid with carpet for a long time: If it is overlaid with carpet which is not replaced or handled with air-seasoning, the moisture inside artificial stone can not emanate from it pores. Thus, the artificial stones' moisture will increase, which will be main cause of water mist emanation. If artificial stone surface need to be overlaid with carpet for a long time, please choose the carpet with good air permeability. To keep a drafty room for a long time lest damp coagulate and bateria reproduce.
  6. Do not use general floor wax: General floor waxes are oily and dust will adhere to wax, so artificial stones' pores will be jammed which lead to form wax filth, as thus artificial stones' surface will be dirty as time goes on. We suggest using stone special maintenance agent and the lustre, skid-proof, abrasion proof, and anti-static effects will be heightened afterwards.
  7. To maintain artificial stones at a fixed period will help to keep artificial stones' perfection, magnificence, lustre. For specific maintenance, please consult with local maintenanice company for professional stone.